new anchor rocna 15 and bow roller upgrade

rocna 15 anchor
rocna 15 anchor

Our Catalina 36 came with a very rusty danforth anchor. So it’s time to upgrade to a rocna 15 bought on defender.

As soon as the rocna 15 showed up, it was my surprise to realize how big it is. After a lot of research let’s upgrade the bow roller!

Rocna 15
Rocna 15

Hardware requirement

Equipment requirements

I decided to get the bow roller from catalina direct few other options who could have been a good fit:

Tools requirements

  • Grinder: ($99)
  • Sawzaw: ($85)
  • 15mm wrenches (x2)

Remove legacy bow roller starboard bolt

Not easy to remove (suprised? :)), it looks it has been there for a very long time. Used 2 x 15mm wrenches to get through it.

Cut off the vertical part of the original anchor roller

  • carbide tipped sawzaw blades (x2):
    • ($24 for 2 of them, I needed both)
    • I have been using the 6″, but I have the feeling, it would have been better with a 4″ blade, maybe it would have saved me one blade.
  • grinding wheel
    • ($7)
    • use to make prettier the rough work generated by the reciprocating saw

Position the anchor roller to find the good fit

Drill holes in the deck

Sealing Deck Penetrations To Prevent Core Rot

Epoxy the holes

Cut the backing plate to fit Catalina 36 bow




I had to order longer bolts to match my setup.



Install Rocna anchor


close with some monel wire.


I didn’t get a chance yet to anchor since it was installed.

B&G Triton 2 setup at Helm – NavPod & AngleGuard modifications


Time to get some data at the helm!

So far our helm came with more or less no electronic:

  • signet marine instruments not getting any signals from the senders
  • raymarine st4000+ working pretty well
  • Garmin GPS 182C Display

As a technophile I dreamed since the day I owned the boat to add some electronic but these days has been pushed away by more critical tasks.

Now I have some NMEA2000 devices setup on Hotel Catalina and I got an OK deal on a B&G Triton 2, it was time to bring the N2K backbone to the helm!

Open the NavPod

This week-end was the second time I get a chance to open it, last time was the day I received the special screwdriver for the NavPod.

Time to investigate what is inside this NavPod, only the controller for the ST4000+ and one cable to power the Garmin GPS display.

Make space to get the N2K backbone to the helm

Time to make a hole in the NavPod to fit the B&G Triton



Outboard engine mount – stern rail kit


Few weeks ago we bought a dinghy and an outboard to explore the marina. Now the question is where do we store our outboard?

Our outboard engine, a honda 2hp is pretty small and lights, so I thought we could save with the inexpensive rail mount motor bracket from seadog line bought for less of $20 on ebay.

Seadog rail mount motor bracket


Better bracket from Simple System Marine

As you saw it, the sea dog looks very unreliable. So I decided to order the “better bracket” from Simple System Marine.


The Simple System Marine product is 10 times more expensive, but you can see where went the cost, it seems overkill for an outboard we only paid $300. But at least I feel confortable to leave the outboard on the rail and I feel safe about it.

Galley and Head LED lights update

After couple of fluorescent tube decided to stop working, we decided to upgrade the couple fixture with modern looking one.

Water tank inspection port installation on our Catalina 36


In the process to install the TLM 100 inside our aft center water tank (, I dropped a small piece of plastic inside the tank. It’s how I became interested about inspection port.

My setup was based on this blog article:


Knowing I am a huge fan of, this article was perfect for me!

Right now I have been using the inspection port to check the state of the tank (since the TLM 100 has not been very helpful so far) and also to clean it.


  • Beckson 6″ clear screw out deck plate:
    • $22
  • Sealant:

Step by step



Water tank monitoring with Maretron TLM 100

After multiple run out of fresh water and no way to check the tank, I checked the options available to monitor our water usage.

In my quest to get as much as possible on the network through NMEA2000 the kbox and signalk. I looked only to devices with an open API or compatible with NMEA2000. One of the only option available on the market looks to be the Maretron TLM 100.

The hardware setup is pretty straight forward:

  • cut a hole in your water tank (mesure twice / drill once, hmm not for this time yet :))
  • drill 5 holes
  • plug the TLM 100

As soon as it was done, I was happy to see the device on my B&G Zeus 2 MFD, through the KBOX in canboat.

But no way to configure it easily like I was able to do it with some other NMEA2000 devices through the B&G Zeus 2 MFD (Airmar and Navico so far).

Contacted the maretron support with no success, so far no answer and it looks for now my only options would be to buy a Maretron MFD device or one of their gateway to use their free software, not sure I want to invest in this knowing I am not sure I will add more of their devices in the future…

So far not very happy with the investment, definitely need more open standards in the marine industry.

New genoa for our Catalina 36


Old sails

When we bought Hotel Catalina 6 months ago, we realized during the survey our genoa was very tired after discussion with the previous owner he agreed to give us a discount for this and give another used genoa supposed to be in a better shape, so we wanted her and we took our chance on this.


Unfortunately both genoa happened to be very tired.

Few sails later with both genoa we decided it was time to upgrade.

After some research, we found Having a high production boat and a good feeling when I called Judy at Hyde Sail Direct, we decided to go this route and order our new head sail!

So it was time to order a new sail, it took around 6 weeks between the first conversation and the time the sail showed up.

Hyde Sails Direct order timing

  • 10/28/2016:
    • 10% Deposit
    • Additional payment of $1373.00 (70%) is due when the order is submitted to production.
    • Final payment of $392.88 is due upon completion.
    • Measurement forms and kit sent.
  • 11/07/2016:
    • completed our home work and uploaded to Hyde Sails Direct dropbox repository
  • 11/08/2016:
    • Finale phone conversation with the team at Hyde Sails Direct and few update to my order
    • Additional payment
  • 11/16/2016:
    • Order has been submitted to production.
    • Estimate ship date is 12/07-12/09
  • 11/23/2016:
    • measuring kit has been returned
  • 12/07/2016:
    • Order is complete and has been shipped. Expected delivery is Friday or Saturday. Please watch your inbox for a tracking email and your Hyde Guide to Sailcare.
    • Paid in Full

Hyde Sails bill


Time to test the new sail


Stainless control handle replacement


First upgrade on Hotel Catalina!

After the trip back from Long Beach, another quick trip out in the Santa Monica bay and the situation of our very tiny way to our slip, we realized it was one of the first mandatory upgrade.

This upgrade was actually planned even before to bring the boat back from Long Beach, my first order ever for Hotel Catalina, and definitely not the last for sure 🙂

I decided to buy it on Catalina Direct, I realized later it was maybe not the cheaper place to buy the part, but I am very happy to send business their way for what they do.

Remove the old controls

Thought it would be an easy job, but not at all! Had a hard time to remove cleanly one of the old handle.

I started with the throttle handle and it was done in less of 5 minutes! What an easy job 🙂

Now let’s take care of the clutch handle! What took us over four hours to get it done, with a long list of tools tested against it.

Finally we had to use the dremel, to get the work done and be able to extract the screw.

Setup of the new handles

Now some anti-seize lubricant, and hopefully next time someone will be looking to remove the handles, it will be a bit easier!





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