M25XPB Water pump replacement – Sherwood vs Oberdorfer

Catalina 36 - M25XPB with Oberdorfer N202M-908
Catalina 36 - M25XPB with Oberdorfer N202M-908

Since day 1 we own the boat, the sherwood water pump was leaking a bit, it was never the top issue but always something bothering me. In this article we are going to go through:

  1. Replacing the water pump
  2. Replacing one of the old cooling hose
  3. Touch up painting of the engine oil crankcase

It took few hours to go through this work, but everything was pretty straight forward.

Original state of Hotel Catalina

Here couple of pictures from June 2016, 2 weeks after we took delivery of Hotel Catalina.

First engine picture June 2016
First engine picture June 2016
First engine picture June 2016
First engine picture June 2016

Based on this pictures we can saw this leak has been there for a while by the rust we can see on the engine.

Time to fix this leak and give some love to the engine!

It has been now over 1 year we own the boat and it’s time to tackle this pump leaking and clean the rust on the engine block.

Here are few of the options to complete this task:

  • get a rebuilt kit and fixing it (tried it, it was worse!)
  • new sherwood pump (very expensive and not so much good feedback on the different forums)
  • migrate (upgrade?) to Oberdorfer
    • Replacing with an Oberdorfer pump that has the base that goes on with the same clip system as your Sherwood pump (more expensive, but more straight forward replacement)
    • If you aren’t scared of, rework the base of the Oberdorfer bolt on pump so it bolts into the pump land on the engine (way cheaper, but a bit too involved in my mind)

After looking online I found a very good deal on the N202M-908 at pump and parts online. Let’s go with this solution!

Oberdorfer N202M-908
Oberdorfer N202M-908

Here is the invoice for the pump:

Replacing the elbow water pump hose

This step is unrelated to the water pump, but it was way easier to complete since the water pump was not in the way anymore.

Old sherwood pump, old hose and old clamp. Everything will be soon replaced.

Tried to clean and fix the sherwood water pump, but the leak was always there.
Tried to clean and fix the sherwood water pump, but the leak was always there.

New hose installed!

Now time to fill the radiator with new coolant! Last time was replaced was last year during the heat exchanger failure.

Now the hose has been replaced, let’s replace the water pump!

The service from https://www.pumpsandpartsonline.com/about-us was very good! Few days after the order I received the part as expected.

I was not sure about the purpose of this hole, and asked online I realized it was to make sure in case of leak of the pump, the raw water has a way to exit somewhere else than in the engine.
I was not sure about the purpose of this hole, and asked online I realized it was to make sure in case of leak of the pump, the raw water has a way to exit somewhere else than in the engine.

Now it’s time for some painting touch up

It’s the first time I try that, I decided to pick white to be able to see if any leak happens in the future. The result is pretty good looking. Next time I have a chance to remove the belt, I will definitely do more painting.

Pump installed and running!



Temperature is good!

Impeller replacement for my spare kit


Oberdorfer replacement impeller
Oberdorfer replacement impeller


Galley and Head LED lights update

After couple of fluorescent tube decided to stop working, we decided to upgrade the couple fixture with modern looking one.

Cabin teak floor varnishing


The 2 cabin boards near the engine came with the boat in a pretty bad shape, they were in need of some love. I decided the risk was very low to exercise my varnishing skills on these boards. The result happened to be way better than I expected.

Update March 2019. After this rainy winter and couple of leaks, it’s time to do the forward cabin floor board.

Tools & Chemicals


  • Pour the stripper on to the wood in a puddle
  • Spread it initially with a brush
  • Allow the stripper to “work” for 10-15 minutes
  • Start to scrape with a 3″ flat putty knife
  • Pile up the stripper/old varnish in the middle of the board
  • Use a couple larger putty knives to remove the stripper/old Varnish
  • Dispose of it in a shoebox with a plastic bag liner.
  • Repeat the entire process anywhere from 3 to 5 more times.
  • Once all or most of the varnish was removed clean the wood with acetone
  • Allow to dry overnight and clean the wood with acetone again
  • After completely drying lightly sand the wood with 220 grit paper
  • Wipe it down with acetone again
  • At this point it is ready for epoxy / varnish

Update March 2019. I replaced CitriStrip with Klean Strip for the forward board, way easier to apply.

Epoxy / Varnishing

Start with 4 coats of clear coat of epoxy. I usually apply the 4 coats of epoxy in less of 48 hours.

Continue with 4 coats of undiluted Epifanes Varnish.

Update March 2019. 2 years later the Epifanes Varnish was still ok, but added a bit of mineral spirit before to apply it.

New genoa for our Catalina 36


Old sails

When we bought Hotel Catalina 6 months ago, we realized during the survey our genoa was very tired after discussion with the previous owner he agreed to give us a discount for this and give another used genoa supposed to be in a better shape, so we wanted her and we took our chance on this.


Unfortunately both genoa happened to be very tired.

Few sails later with both genoa we decided it was time to upgrade.

After some research, we found http://www.hydesailsdirect.com/. Having a high production boat and a good feeling when I called Judy at Hyde Sail Direct, we decided to go this route and order our new head sail!

So it was time to order a new sail, it took around 6 weeks between the first conversation and the time the sail showed up.

Hyde Sails Direct order timing

  • 10/28/2016:
    • 10% Deposit
    • Additional payment of $1373.00 (70%) is due when the order is submitted to production.
    • Final payment of $392.88 is due upon completion.
    • Measurement forms and kit sent.
  • 11/07/2016:
    • completed our home work and uploaded to Hyde Sails Direct dropbox repository
  • 11/08/2016:
    • Finale phone conversation with the team at Hyde Sails Direct and few update to my order
    • Additional payment
  • 11/16/2016:
    • Order has been submitted to production.
    • Estimate ship date is 12/07-12/09
  • 11/23/2016:
    • measuring kit has been returned
  • 12/07/2016:
    • Order is complete and has been shipped. Expected delivery is Friday or Saturday. Please watch your inbox for a tracking email and your Hyde Guide to Sailcare.
    • Paid in Full

Hyde Sails bill


Time to test the new sail


Hotel Catalina Delivery from Long Beach to Marina Del Rey

weather4d routing
weather4d routing

It took us few weeks to close the deal and come on an agreement with the previous owner, but now we are officially the owners of Hotel Catalina, the Catalina 36 #883!

We have till the end of the month of May to take delivery of the boat and move it to Marina Del Rey. These 10 days were very very short to complete all the tasks required before to take delivery of the boat.

  • Title transfer
  • Insurance
  • Slip

Yes, it’s definitely the time to find a slip available in Marina Del Rey for a 36 foot long boat. What we thought would be pretty easy was way more difficult than expected. After dozens of calls, we found 2 potential slips where we could dock our new to us boat.

We also needed to get the insurance, this was pretty straight forward and we went with BoatUS.

It’s Memorial Day week-end, let’s take delivery of Hotel Catalina with the help of our broker, Doug.

weather4d routing

6AM we are in Long Beach ready to board Hotel Catalina. At the time we  started to move Hotel Catalina from Long Beach to Marina Del Rey, we still didn’t have received an official response from Esprit Marina Del Rey authorizing us to move in. Let’s go! The backup alternative will be to dock at the yard and get some of maintenance work done.

On our way from Long Beach to Marina Del Rey, we have a pretty smooth motor sailing with only the main up since our genoa is not in a very good shape and any way the wind very low. Now out since a couple of hours we got a positive response from Esprit dock master.

Six hours later, we are now officially docked at Marina Del Rey B1620!

Catalina 36 pre-purchase survey

Hotel Catalina 2016 survey
Hotel Catalina 2016 survey
It’s done! We made an offer and it got accepted, after few months to research our Catalina 36, we finally decided the one we like! Hotel Catalina 🙂
It’s now time to find a surveyor, for now a couple of months I have been reading religiously Catalina 36 International Association forum in every details. This very active website was also one more positive thing I like about this specific boat model.
After asking on the forum multiple people advised me to use Ross Hubbard (http://www.maritimesurveyors.com/). After few calls and emails I was able to setup a meeting in Long Beach with Ross to go over the health of Hotel Catalina.
The time with Ross is set for 8:30AM in front of the shoreline yacht club in Long Beach (386 E Shoreline Dr, Long Beach, CA 90802). The boat is on the “Y” dock, right behind the yacht club.
Everyone was on time!
The whole experience of the survey was great, I learned a lot.
You can find the write up of the survey enclosed below:
Seing myself at pretty handy, I am not totally against an educational project and so far what I saw with Hotel Catalina doesn’t seem too huge to fix, but of course I want to get it to the right fair price. So I have been using the survey to estimate the cost and the owner made some efforts to fix few items and match a fair price.
During all the process, I think it would have been nice to have an access to soldboats.com. If one day I buy another boat, I will definitely make sure I get a full access to this database to get a better idea of the market.

Here more pictures from the haul out.




Marina del Rey
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