Our Catalina 36 came with a very rusty danforth anchor. So it’s time to upgrade to a rocna 15 bought on defender.

As soon as the rocna 15 showed up, it was my surprise to realize how big it is. After a lot of research let’s upgrade the bow roller!

Rocna 15
Rocna 15

Hardware requirement

Equipment requirements

I decided to get the bow roller from catalina direct few other options who could have been a good fit:

Tools requirements

  • Grinder: ($99)
  • Sawzaw: ($85)
  • 15mm wrenches (x2)

Remove legacy bow roller starboard bolt

Not easy to remove (suprised? :)), it looks it has been there for a very long time. Used 2 x 15mm wrenches to get through it.

Cut off the vertical part of the original anchor roller

  • carbide tipped sawzaw blades (x2):
    • ($24 for 2 of them, I needed both)
    • I have been using the 6″, but I have the feeling, it would have been better with a 4″ blade, maybe it would have saved me one blade.
  • grinding wheel
    • ($7)
    • use to make prettier the rough work generated by the reciprocating saw

Position the anchor roller to find the good fit

Drill holes in the deck

Sealing Deck Penetrations To Prevent Core Rot

Epoxy the holes

Cut the backing plate to fit Catalina 36 bow




I had to order longer bolts to match my setup.



Install Rocna anchor


close with some monel wire.


I didn’t get a chance yet to anchor since it was installed.

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