After multiple run out of fresh water and no way to check the tank, I checked the options available to monitor our water usage.

In my quest to get as much as possible on the network through NMEA2000 the kbox and signalk. I looked only to devices with an open API or compatible with NMEA2000. One of the only option available on the market looks to be the Maretron TLM 100.

The hardware setup is pretty straight forward:

  • cut a hole in your water tank (mesure twice / drill once, hmm not for this time yet :))
  • drill 5 holes
  • plug the TLM 100

As soon as it was done, I was happy to see the device on my B&G Zeus 2 MFD, through the KBOX in canboat.

But no way to configure it easily like I was able to do it with some other NMEA2000 devices through the B&G Zeus 2 MFD (Airmar and Navico so far).

Contacted the maretron support with no success, so far no answer and it looks for now my only options would be to buy a Maretron MFD device or one of their gateway to use their free software, not sure I want to invest in this knowing I am not sure I will add more of their devices in the future…

So far not very happy with the investment, definitely need more open standards in the marine industry.

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