First upgrade on Hotel Catalina!

After the trip back from Long Beach, another quick trip out in the Santa Monica bay and the situation of our very tiny way to our slip, we realized it was one of the first mandatory upgrade.

This upgrade was actually planned even before to bring the boat back from Long Beach, my first order ever for Hotel Catalina, and definitely not the last for sure πŸ™‚

I decided to buy it on Catalina Direct, I realized later it was maybe not the cheaper place to buy the part, but I am very happy to send business their way for what they do.

Remove the old controls

Thought it would be an easy job, but not at all! Had a hard time to remove cleanly one of the old handle.

I started with the throttle handle and it was done in less of 5 minutes! What an easy job πŸ™‚

Now let’s take care of the clutch handle! What took us over four hours to get it done, with a long list of tools tested against it.

Finally we had to use the dremel, to get the work done and be able to extract the screw.

Setup of the new handles

Now some anti-seize lubricant, and hopefully next time someone will be looking to remove the handles, it will be a bit easier!


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