Since the day 1 we own Hotel Catalina, our Catalina 36, I have been looking to monitor the engine and get the analog data from our Universal M25XPB broadcasted on the NMEA2000 network.

Last may I finally decided to order an EMU-01 and the NGT-1 mandatory to the setup of the device.

Now why I decided on the EMU-01 versus the NoLand Engineering RS11 ( or any other alternatives:

  • active community online
  • active on signalk project and slack channel
  • support is active and helpful (
  • looking more like a serious business compared to other alternatives

Actisense NGT-1

Here is the Actisense NGT-1 I bought used on ebay

Actisense EMU-1 unboxing

Ordered the EMU-1, love the form factor of the product and the mechanical design of the box. Definitely a reference on the market.

Universal M25XPB engine panel

Here my engine panel, where I am going to get the data from and where I am going to plug the EMU-1 box.

Custom harness to connect EMU-1 to Hotel Catalina engine panel

Actisense Toolkit configuration

Herei is my issue, I don’t have any idea what type of gauge I should pick, and all the one I tested doesn’t seem to match what is going on.

Right now my gauges are all Teleflex. Time to contact Actisense support 🙂



Fuel level sensor

Water temperature sensor

Oil alarm sensor

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