Time to get some data at the helm!

So far our helm came with more or less no electronic:

  • signet marine instruments not getting any signals from the senders
  • raymarine st4000+ working pretty well
  • Garmin GPS 182C Display

As a technophile I dreamed since the day I owned the boat to add some electronic but these days has been pushed away by more critical tasks.

Now I have some NMEA2000 devices setup on Hotel Catalina and I got an OK deal on a B&G Triton 2, it was time to bring the N2K backbone to the helm!

Open the NavPod

This week-end was the second time I get a chance to open it, last time was the day I received the special screwdriver for the NavPod.

Time to investigate what is inside this NavPod, only the controller for the ST4000+ and one cable to power the Garmin GPS display.

Make space to get the N2K backbone to the helm

Time to make a hole in the NavPod to fit the B&G Triton



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