I was looking for a high water alarm for a couple of years fitting the very tight bilge of our Catalina 36. After 2 failures in less of 1 year of Rule-A-Matic Bilge Pump Switch. I decided to try something new!

Here are the parts I installed:

I went for BGI after a very responsive answer from their support team to one of my request before to order. Also one of the sexy feature was the bluetooth connection.

Very fast shipping and nice packaging.
Easy setup on my existing bilge pump.
Time to make a hole at the navigation table.
Bilge pump installed!

One very interesting feature about the BGI device is the fact you get some of the data through bluetooth, not sure yet what is the added value, but always good to have extra data about your sytem. To be honest it’s one of the feature who made me to go for this device.

So far I am very happy with the install and feel a huge improvement based on what I used to have before. I love the panel.

Now I feel I can have a good understanding of what was going on with my bilge after any time away from our boat.

The next step is going to try to figure out how to connect the high water alarm output to my Victron Cerbo GX. Thank you to BGI support who gave me some good insights how to make it happens!

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