It took us few weeks to close the deal and come on an agreement with the previous owner, but now we are officially the owners of Hotel Catalina, the Catalina 36 #883!

We have till the end of the month of May to take delivery of the boat and move it to Marina Del Rey. These 10 days were very very short to complete all the tasks required before to take delivery of the boat.

  • Title transfer
  • Insurance
  • Slip

Yes, it’s definitely the time to find a slip available in Marina Del Rey for a 36 foot long boat. What we thought would be pretty easy was way more difficult than expected. After dozens of calls, we found 2 potential slips where we could dock our new to us boat.

We also needed to get the insurance, this was pretty straight forward and we went with BoatUS.

It’s Memorial Day week-end, let’s take delivery of Hotel Catalina with the help of our broker, Doug.

weather4d routing

6AM we are in Long Beach ready to board Hotel Catalina. At the time we  started to move Hotel Catalina from Long Beach to Marina Del Rey, we still didn’t have received an official response from Esprit Marina Del Rey authorizing us to move in. Let’s go! The backup alternative will be to dock at the yard and get some of maintenance work done.

On our way from Long Beach to Marina Del Rey, we have a pretty smooth motor sailing with only the main up since our genoa is not in a very good shape and any way the wind very low. Now out since a couple of hours we got a positive response from Esprit dock master.

Six hours later, we are now officially docked at Marina Del Rey B1620!

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