It’s done! We made an offer and it got accepted, after few months to research our Catalina 36, we finally decided the one we like! Hotel Catalina 🙂
It’s now time to find a surveyor, for now a couple of months I have been reading religiously Catalina 36 International Association forum in every details. This very active website was also one more positive thing I like about this specific boat model.
After asking on the forum multiple people advised me to use Ross Hubbard ( After few calls and emails I was able to setup a meeting in Long Beach with Ross to go over the health of Hotel Catalina.
The time with Ross is set for 8:30AM in front of the shoreline yacht club in Long Beach (386 E Shoreline Dr, Long Beach, CA 90802). The boat is on the “Y” dock, right behind the yacht club.
Everyone was on time!
The whole experience of the survey was great, I learned a lot.
You can find the write up of the survey enclosed below:
Seing myself at pretty handy, I am not totally against an educational project and so far what I saw with Hotel Catalina doesn’t seem too huge to fix, but of course I want to get it to the right fair price. So I have been using the survey to estimate the cost and the owner made some efforts to fix few items and match a fair price.
During all the process, I think it would have been nice to have an access to If one day I buy another boat, I will definitely make sure I get a full access to this database to get a better idea of the market.

Here more pictures from the haul out.

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