Bracket cleaned and painted

_to_put_a_coupling_nut_10-32_and_send_the_new_control_cables">Time to put a coupling nut (10-32) and send the new control cables ¼”-20 x 3 ½” ¼”-20 x 4” stainless machine screwent/?print=pdf" class="pdfprnt-button pdfprnt-button-pdf" target="_blank">image_pdf
Over the week-end, we had an issue with the transmission where it was not possible to shift to forward gear anymore.
Few minutes later and too much play with the gear control, I managed to shear the screw in the shift lever, as you can see in the picture below.
sheared screw in my catalina 36 shift lever
sheared screw in my catalina 36 shift lever

So the plan will be to:

  1. Remove the sheared screw from the lever
    1. How? Still need to figure it out
  2. Replace this screw:
  3. Check that the transmission shifts easily by itself to make sure the problem is coming from the control cable and not the transmission itself
  4. Figure out what size of control cables needs to be ordered:
    1. 14′ cable (transmission):
    2. 15′ cable (throttle):
  5. Replace the old control cables with a coupling nut (10-32) connecting the old and new one:
  6. Give some love to the engine parts who need a bit of painting:
    1. metal treatment:
    2. paint:
    3. Protect the fuel line from chafing, not sure how I missed them during my last chafing protection mission.
Picture from the control cable to replace
Picture from the control cable to replace

New priority project on Hotel Catalina! Let’s see how many week-end will I need to get it fixed 🙂

Helm tear down and fixing

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Most of this section is coming from this document from Edson Marine. Edson Marine has been very helpful to answer my questions about the different part numbers I was not able to find around.
Edson Pedestal
Edson Pedestal

Remove the broken screw in the 960-A-938 lever assembly

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During the issue the screw broke and the gear handle got free: